Combustion engines

You need your engine to run as efficiently as possible. So use the best technology to ensure low fuel consumption, a high level of reliability and a long lifetime 
for your engine. MANN+HUMMEL gives you rugged, powerful filter systems and customised solutions for original equipment and aftermarket supplies.

Filters for your combustion engine

Powerful filters and components are essential for modern vehicles, machines, implements and engines. Here, you can see an overview of our filters for your combustion engine.

Air cleaners by MANN+HUMMEL

Reliable and flexible

Air cleaner ENTARON XD 40
Air cleaner Europiclon
Air cleaner IQORON
Air cleaner Picolight
Air cleaner ENTARON HD 4

Air cleaners can easily be adapted for use in various application areas, either as modules or customer-specific developments. Use our single- and double-stage air cleaner series for light to heavy dust pollution.

Oil filters by MANN+HUMMEL

Individual concepts for your requirements

Spin-On oil filter
Oil filter element

Oil filters filter lubricating oils and hydraulic oils in the main oil flow. Our product portfolio includes spin-on filters, in-line filters and filter elements.

Centrifuges by MANN+HUMMEL

Heavy-duty filtration in the bypass flow

Lubricating oil centrifuge

Oil centrifuges remove contamination such as metal fines and rust from the lubricating oil in diesel motors.

Fuel prefilters by MANN+HUMMEL

Heavy-duty media for your prefilter

Fuel prefilter PreLine 420
Fuel prefilter PreLine with electronic fuel pump

The MANN+HUMMEL PreLine relies on multigrade media. It separates more than 93% of the water present in the fuel in accordance with ISO/TR 16 332 and fulfils the manufacturer requirements for injection systems.

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Fuel filters by MANN+HUMMEL

Liquid filters for many industries

Spin-on fuel filters

Fuel filters from MANN+HUMMEL separate particles from the fuel. This process protects the supply pump and the downstream high-pressure pump of your engine.

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Crankcase ventilation by MANN+HUMMEL

Oil separator for closed and open crankcase ventilation

Crankcase ventilation ProVent
Crankcase ventilation ProVent filter element

The ProVent crankcase ventilation system combines an oil separator element and a pressure regulation unit. This prevents the formation of oily deposits that impede performance in turbochargers and downstream engine components.

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