HV Batteries

Mobility solutions of the future will lead to dramatic changes in vehicle powertrain technologies. In order to reduce the greenhouse effect we must drastically reduce CO2 emissions. Plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles offer innovative and sustainable solutions for this challenge.

Protection for HV Batteries – Climate Control

The power stored in lithium-ion battery cells can drive hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles. In the case of HV batteries, a number of cells are combined inside a housing to form a single unit. Stationary batteries store renewable energy from photovoltaic systems or wind farms. Independent of battery cell shape, size or design, these batteries must be protected against negative external influences, e. g. overheating and mechanical damage.

Degassing Units by MANN+HUMMEL

Degassing Unit for pressure balancing and relief

Degassing Unit
Degassing Unit

The Degassing Unit enables permanent pressure compensation through a membrane which keeps particles and liquid drops out. In a modular product design, additional functions like automatic emergency degassing, contact protection, resistance against high-pressure / steam-jet cleaning and intrinsic safety features can be integrated.

Air Dryer Cartridge by MANN+HUMMEL

Protects the battery system from water condensation

Air Dryer Cartridge
Air Dryer Cartridge

Breathing of the battery system gets humidity into the interior, leading to the risk of water condensation at cooling plates or cold surfaces. The Air Dryer Cartridge adsorbs the water vapor, thus preventing condensation which could lead to electric shorts. Vacuum packaging avoids vapor adsorption before assembly.

Battery Frames by MANN+HUMMEL

Providing stability and coolant for Pouch Cells

Battery Frames
Battery Frames

Battery Frames ensure the distribution of the coolant and protect pouch cells from mechanical damage. The frames are produced for very stringent cleanliness requirements. Mastering the precision injection molding process is the prerequisite for this lightweight plastic design.

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Cooling Air Filters by MANN+HUMMEL

Clean air for battery cooling

Cooling Air Filters

In air cooling systems for HV batteries, clean air is required to protect fans and blowers as well as battery terminals from wear-creating particles. Highly efficient filtration is transferred into a flexible product design allowing assembly in areas which are difficult to access. Low pressure loss and weight are additional product benefits.

Leadership in Filtration